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The 4Low is your reliable source for the best crampon reviews and buyer guides. Our experts test and rank the best options so you don’t have to.

Our ratings are based on features, customer reviews, hands-on testing, price, and warranty.

Best Overall – Cimkiz Traction Snow Grips

Made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), known for its stretching capacity, durability, and extra comfort.

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Best For Medium Traction – Kahtoola Microspikes Footgear

Fits on various boot shapes and sizes while also being light enough to slip on and off easily. 

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Best Budget – Unigear Traction Snow Grips

18 massive crampon-style points that can easily find their way through thick snow, making them an excellent option if you’re spending a lot of time trekking through the snow.

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Best for Heavy Traction – Wirezoll Ice Grips

Features 24 multi-directional spikes built with stainless steel to disperse your weight and provide lasting comfort equally.

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Best For Hiking – Sportneer Crampons

TPE rubber build provides excellent security on ice and adjustable straps to fit any shoe.

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You Need to Get a Grip and Here is Why.

Microspikes and crampons do more than simply keep you upright while you’re clearing snow. With these devices, you can extend all your outdoor activities into the harsh winter seasons. 

So whether you want to sprint on steep snowfields or navigate through rocky hill paths in adverse weather conditions, these traction devices will turn a tough journey into a peaceful stroll.

Traction devices for shoes improve safety by offering a better grip on slippery conditions, as they increase the surface area of your shoes. 

But with the plethora of snow gears available on the market, choosing one for your winter adventures can be challenging. Therefore, we’ve tried and tested some of the top microspikes and crampons on the market so that you can find your perfect hiking companion. We have also provided detailed information on factors you should consider before selecting a pair of traction devices.

Our Top Picks for Microspikes and Crampons

ProductBrandFeaturesLearn More
Best Overall
‎Cimkiz Crampons Microspikes Ice Cleats
‎Cimkiz Crampons Microspikes Ice Cleats
  • Durable and provides extra comfort 
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Can survive temperatures as low as -45°C
  • Easy to carry around due to its lightweight design
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Best For Medium Traction
Kahtoola Crampons Microspikes Ice Cleats
Kahtoola Crampons Microspikes Ice Cleats
  • Excellent for slippery terrain
  • It can fit various shoe sizes
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • The eyelet design provides extra comfort
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Best Budget
Unigear Crampons Microspikes Ice Cleats
Unigear Crampons Microspikes Ice Cleats
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Excellent for penetrating thick snow
  • Easy to wear
  • Flexible and provides a comforting fit
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Best for Heavy Traction
Wirezoll Microspikes Crampons Ice Cleats for Hiking
Wirezoll Microspikes Crampons Ice Cleats for Hiking
  • The silicon build provides excellent elasticity
  • Multi-directional spikes offer more stability
  • It comes with velcro straps for a securer fit
  • The full-coverage sole provides excellent traction.
  • Relatively inexpensive
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Best For Hiking
‎Sportneer Crampons Microspikes Ice Cleats
‎Sportneer Crampons Microspikes Ice Cleats
  • Comfortable to wear
  • TPE rubber makes them durable
  • Exceptional grip due to anti-deformation technology
  • Crack-resistant steel chains and spikes
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1. Cimkiz Traction Snow Grips

Crampon Microspike show covers

First up on our list are our all-time favorite crampons by Cimkix. These crampons feature 19 spikes per foot made of incredibly sturdy stainless steel. The robust chain system on these crampons also provides outstanding traction on whichever terrain you decide to wear them on. 

These snow grips are made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), known for their stretching capacity, durability, and extra comfort. Due to the material’s strength, you won’t have to worry about these snow grips tearing. 

What we love the most about these crampons is that their reinforced chain and joint system make them incredibly reliable traction devices. Due to this premium structure, these snow grips can survive temperatures as low as -45°C. 

From icy driveways to treacherous terrains, these unisex crampons provide fantastic comfort in the long run, which sets them apart from any other crampons on our list. These crampons are also incredibly lightweight in design and easy to carry around, so you can take them anywhere you want to! 

Due to their sturdy build quality, extra comfort, and wide range of applications, these crampons are rated best overall on our list. 

2. Kahtoola Microspikes Footgear

adjustable crampon microspikes displayed

Many hikers look for traction devices that balance a solid grip, durability, and compressibility. This footgear by Kahtoola convincingly ticks all of those boxes. 

This microspikes footgear consists of twelve stainless steel spikes that are tough enough to provide exceptional grip on slippery terrain. Because of the elastomer harness, these microspikes offer a secure fit and retain the band’s flexibility in freezing temperatures.

Another cool thing about these microspikes is that they have a patented eyelet design that connects the microspikes to your shoe and keeps them from breaking. This unique design also means that these microspikes can fit on various boot shapes and sizes while also being light enough to slip on and off easily. 

These microspikes work exceptionally well in mixed terrain, including snowy and rocky landscapes. 

However, during testing, we found out that one tradeoff is that these microspikes aren’t ideal for everyday use, especially if you are prone to hitting your inner heel with your opposite foot. So you’ve got to be slightly careful if you intend to use these microspikes daily.

3. Unigear Traction Snow Grips

Display of coverage microspikes crampons with adjustable strap

The Unigear Snow Grips give outstanding traction in thick snow – and at a low cost. These snow grips include 18 massive crampon-style points that can easily find their way through thick snow, making them an excellent option if you’re spending a lot of time traversing in thick snow. 

Although budget microspikes aren’t built for the long run, these spikes are strong enough to survive through a harsh winter season. 

Due to the TPE build, users get a tight and comforting fit. This traction footwear also provides enough flexibility to trek rugged terrains easily. The adjustable straps on the cleats also allow you to wear and take them off with relative ease. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for inexpensive traction gear that is simple to wear, these snow grips by Unigear are the way to go!

4. Wirezoll Ice Grips

bottom of show and side view displaying fit of microspikes and crampons

Next up on our list are the ice grips by Wirezoll, which stand out due to their unique build quality. Unlike traditional crampons, these traction devices have a cover constructed of silicon instead of TPE or steel, providing excellent elasticity and minimum chances of tearing. 

These crampons also have a full-sole coverage that provides excellent traction and remains flexible up to –45°C!

And that’s not all; this traction device also features 24 multi-directional spikes built with stainless steel to disperse your weight and provide lasting comfort equally. The aggressive tread design prevents you from falling on grounds where the spike can dig in. 

With these crampons, you also get a pair of velcro straps to get a secure fit and a bag to carry the crampons, making it incredibly convenient to take them wherever you go. 

However, while testing, we found that these crampons are only suitable for areas where the ice is packed down, meaning they wouldn’t be ideal for wet surfaces. 

5. Sportneer Crampons

Orange Microspikes crampons displayed on a pair of boots

Finally, we’ve got another amazing pair of crampons on our list, this time by Sportneer. Although these snow cleats look intimidating, they’re pretty comfortable. 

All you have to do is slip the crampon from the top of the shoe, stretch it back to your heel, lift it, and you’re good to go! These crampons also have an adjustable strap for all your hiking adventures so that you can get the perfect fit.

During the testing phase, we found that its TPE rubber build provided excellent security on icy slopes, giving us a brilliant hiking experience. 

What sets apart these crampons from the rest is that the 19 microspikes are built with anti-deformation technology, providing an unreal grip on uneven terrain. 

The stainless steel chains and the spikes on these crampons are also crack-resistant and can survive even the harshest climates, which gives users great confidence while trekking slippery terrains. 

Buying Guide to The Ultimate Microspikes and Crampons

If you’re looking for the perfect traction devices but can’t decide which microspikes will be appropriate for your next adventure, you’re at the right place. We chose each of the snow grips listed above based on specific criteria that we’ll describe in detail. 

We believe every customer should consider these factors when buying the appropriate snow gear. These include how much traction they provide, their weight, how they fit, and their durability.

Microspikes Vs. Crampons

Before we describe what constitutes the ideal traction device, we must know their differences. In this guide, we’ve often used microspikes and crampons interchangeably, but they’re not the same. Knowing their difference and purpose will allow you to decide which traction device will suit your needs. 


Crampons are traction devices strapped underneath boots with sharp metal spikes at the bottom. Crampons are bulkier than microspikes and were initially intended for ice climbing but are now commonly used for crossing glaciers, challenging snow hills, and ice fields. 

Although some crampons need standard climbing boots with welts, many crampons work exceptionally well with ankle-length boots. However, crampons cannot be used underneath hiking boots, as these prevent them from being securely fastened. Therefore, you must ensure that crampons are compatible with your shoes before buying them. 


Microspikes have multiple chains and spikes interconnected through an elastic rubber frame, allowing them to provide traction. These traction devices are primarily used on flat terrain covered in packed snow. 

Compared to crampons, these traction devices can be worn over any footwear and are relatively cheaper. They are also simple to wear and convenient to carry around. So microspikes are the way to go if you’re looking to explore terrains that aren’t dangerously covered in snow.

What To Look For In Microspikes and Crampons

Amount of traction provided 

Traction is the degree of grip your footwear provides on a particular surface. The degree of traction offered by microspikes and crampons is determined by the type of spike used underneath the footwear. 

Crampons have much pointier spikes that dig forcefully into the ground, offering unmatched grip on the slipperiest conditions. Although microspikes serve a similar purpose, they do not have aggressive spikes that bite in as deeply as a crampon and are primarily suitable for areas with a thin layer of snow.

Weight of snow grips

The weight of the traction gear is another crucial factor to consider. The weight largely depends on how you intend to use the traction device. Microspikes are lighter than crampons and are ideal if you want to use them for strolling around your town or walking over a layer of moderate snow. 

The lower the weight, the more convenient it becomes to carry the traction gear. On the other hand, heavier traction gear such as crampons will provide more traction, but it will become challenging to move around. 

How they fit 

Loose or improperly fitted snow gear tends to move around underneath the footwear, making it uncomfortable and preventing it from delivering maximum traction. If the microspikes are not fitted properly, they can often bend and become useless, which is most often the case with microspikes built of stainless steel. 

Therefore, always look for those traction devices that remain firmly attached to your footwear. Footgear that comes with velcro straps provides an added benefit for fitting purposes. 

The material construction

The material your snow grips are made of largely determines their durability. You wouldn’t want to invest money in a traction device only for it to break in the most inconvenient circumstances. 

We always suggest opting for spikes constructed of stainless steel or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), as they can last through numerous seasons. A problem, however, with steel is it can rust over time, unlike rust-proof materials like rubber. 


Q) Which is better for a beginner: Microspikes or Crampons?

Microspikes are reasonably simple and ideal for beginners who wish to increase their hiking expertise. On the other hand, crampons need skill and expertise since they are relatively heavier, and the larger spikes can initially cause more disbalance.

Q) What are some disadvantages of using Microspikes?

The most common complaint regarding microspikes is that they become crooked if used excessively. However, you can solve this problem by purchasing microspikes that fit your boots perfectly, preventing them from shifting underneath your weight. 

Q) Where can I use Microspikes?

Microspikes are incredibly versatile snow gears that can serve a variety of purposes. Not only can you use them for hiking, but they’re also great for your daily activities, such as shoveling a snowy driveway or going out for a walk in your town. 

Bottom Line

After hours of testing and reviewing each type of Crampons, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of microspikes and crampons that will be ideal for your needs. Whether you’re looking to trek on treacherous terrains or just need to walk over harmless snow, you’ll find the most suitable options in this list.

Before buying Microspikes, consider where you’ll be using them and browse the list until you find something perfect for your needs. If there are any questions, send us an email!