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The 4Low is your reliable source for the best overland storage box reviews and buyer guides. Our experts test and rank the best options so you don’t have to.

Our ratings are based on features, customer reviews, hands-on testing, price, and, warranty.

What Are Overland Storage Boxes?

Overland Storage Boxes are plastic boxes that are specifically designed to store accessories and supplies needed for Overlanding. These boxes are typically made of rugged plastic and feature sturdy construction to withstand wear and tear that is associated with Overlanding trips. You can use these boxes to organize the supplies which not only save space in the vehicle but also make it easier to find relevant accessories when required. 

Best Overall – ROAM Adventure Co. The Rugged Box | Off Road Storage Boxes | Water Proof

Durable, Stackable, and Waterproof at an affordable price making this product the best overall storage box.

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Most Versatile – Pelican Air 1615 Storage Boxes

Crushproof, Dustproof, and Watertight. Make this universal hard case for the best protection and dry box storage for all your valuables.

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Most Durable- Rubbermaid Action Packer Lockable Industrial Storage Boxes, 35 gal

Virtually Indestructible, Lockable Latches and Stackable Design made for everyday use.

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Most Affordable – Plano Storage Boxes – w/ Wheels 120 Liters

Heavy Duty and equipped with Large Capacity including Wheels and is Stackable at a great price for all your Camping or Long-term storage needs.

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Most Compatible – Front Runner Wolf Pack – Durable,Stackable, Large Capacity Storage Boxes

Practical Storage Solutions is made Tough and Compact for easy Stacking, Integrated Grip for easy Carrying makes it Convenient for Everyday Use.

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ProductBrandFeaturesLearn More
Best Overall
ROAM Adventure Co. The Rugged Box | Off Road Storage Boxes | Water Proof
ROAM Adventure Co. The Rugged Box | Off Road Storage Boxes | Water Proof
  • Tough, Rugged, and Durable 
  • Steel Lockable Latches
  • Dust/Waterproof Gasket Seal
  • Built-in Drain plug for easy Decompression or Draining
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Most Versatile
Pelican Air 1615 Storage Boxes
Pelican Air 1615 Storage Boxes
  •  Crushproof, Dustproof, Watertight
  •  Lockable and TSA  Approved
  •  Lightweight
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Most Durable
Rubbermaid Action Packer Lockable Industrial Storage Boxes, 35 gal
Rubbermaid Action Packer Lockable Industrial Storage Boxes, 35 gal
  • Virtually Indestructible – Backed by a Lifetime Warranty
  • Lockable Latches
  • 5 Liter Load Capacity 110 LBS
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Most Affordable
Plano Storage Boxes - w/ Wheels 120 Liters
Plano Storage Boxes – w/ Wheels 120 Liters
  • Improved Wheels for Smooth Transport
  • Molded Grooves for Sturdy Stacking
  • Large 120 Liters
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Most Compatible
Front Runner Wolf Pack - Durable,Stackable, Large Capacity Storage Boxes
Front Runner Wolf Pack – Durable,Stackable, Large Capacity Storage Boxes
  • Stackable Storage 
  • Integrated grip for Easy Carrying
  • Suitable Exterior Storage
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1. ROAM Adventure Co. The Rugged Case | Off Road Storage Boxes | Waterproof

front image of a roam storage case box alone

High-quality products at great prices! A rugged and heavy-duty storage box that comes in 6 different sizes and 4 color options. Made with an LLDPE shell and Nylon rope handles (present on all except 83L boxes) for lightweight easy carrying. The 83L box has a very slim profile which is great for putting on a roof rack to reduce drag and keep the center of gravity low.. Storage boxes have small channels around the edge of the opening that was designed for you to pass through a strap like a ratchet strap so that you can secure your case to your vehicle.

Convenient for all your off-road camping and a variety of other outdoor activities as well as home storage and organization. Waterproof, Dustproof, and Stackable. Light, Rugged, and Practical Making this a great Overall Purchase.

2. Pelican Air 1615 Storage Boxes


Say goodbye to your old standard zip-up cases or flimsy storage boxes. A remarkable union of light and tough. Made from polymer but built for durability. Some models offer unique features such as integrated wheels, a retractable trolley handle, and a stainless steel lock hasp for added protection. Trusted Brand for more than 40 years. Additionally customized foam fittings and organizing dividers make it convenient for a wide variety of uses.

Proven to withstand harsh environments and rigorous usage. A perfect travelers companion for Overlanding camping or any outdoor function, worth every penny.

3. Rubbermaid ActionPacker Lockable Industrial Storage Boxes, 35 gal


Proven over time this brand has made a name for itself to be on the top of everyone’s list of products to review and research. Built tough to withstand everyday use, the convenience of capacity and stackability as well as being built for rigorous transport and can secure with an additional lock for added protection makes durability just that much more important. Its classic design and purpose are thought out excellently for all your overland, camping, road trips, or whatever your storage needs may be.

Comes in various sizes to fit well on overhead racks or in tight interior spaces. Leaving you more room for passengers’ comfort or other bulk items. Storage boxes can be labeled for outdoor use or at home everyday uses. Making it convenient for easy access and organization.

4. Plano Storage Boxes – w/ Wheels


Research and Product reviews help you find trusted brands, assist you in finding reliable storage boxes specific to your personal needs, and possibly introduce ideas for other uses overlooked. It’s always good to be prepared. Waterproof and Sturdy it is money well spent as well as the benefit of protecting your valuables from the various elements. And let’s not overlook the Locking Latches.

Great for Overlanding, works for all your storage needs. Strong enough to hold moderately heavy items while still being lightweight, excellent for overhead cargo racks or organizing interior spaces. Included Wheels help with easy transporting and portability.

5. Front Runner Wolf Pack – Durable, Stackable and Compactly Sized Storage Boxes


Keep gear organized for weekend trips, road trips, and even long-term storage. Pick the right size for your personal needs and the space available. Additionally, the shape of the straight walls optimizes the interior space for stacking and organizing your gear in different ways. The built-in handles on the sides make picking them up easy even when multiple boxes are stacked on top of one another and they’re very solid.

Latches keep the lids securely in place keeping dust and rain out. Worry-free in the event these are left out in harsh elements that your valuables are protected. Finally, these are super strong in comparison to other storage solutions.

Made for many different uses such as camp gear, dry food storage, emergency roadside equipment, and other valuables. Anything you want to keep protected and organized. You won’t regret buying multiple! Pro-tip, Front Runner also makes a set of handy labels that make it easy to locate what’s inside each bin.

Why Do I Need Overland Storage Boxes?

As discussed earlier, overland cases are ideal storage boxes for all sorts of accessories and supplies. Let’s take a look at what makes these storage boxes so good and whether they can be used for some other purposes as well.

1. Increase Storage Space

Storage space on vehicles is limited regardless of their sizes. Even RVs can run out of space if it is not properly optimized and overland storage boxes do exactly that. You can store multiple folds more stuff in the vehicle with storage cases compared to randomly stashing the supplies.

Storage boxes not just optimize the available space but also increase it. Typically, you stash the stuff on the floor of the vehicle which means the area above it is still free. The problem is, that there is no way to make use of that space without a storage box. You can only stash so much stuff over one another. 

In contrast, storage boxes make full use of that space by allowing them to store boxes over one another. Since they are designed for exactly this purpose, you would not have to worry about boxes falling on the ground. 

2. Keep Things Organized

Keeping things tidy in a space as narrow as a vehicle can be a challenge but storage boxes offer a complete solution. You can store similar appliances or gear in one box and put a label on it. Gear that is used infrequently can be stored in remote areas of the vehicle to free up the space for stuff that is in regular use. Hence, even with a ton of supplies and gear, the vehicle would appear organized and tidy.

3. Durable Construction & Weather Resistance

Almost all of the overland storage boxes have reliable and durable construction in addition to weather resistance. It is the feature that sets these storage boxes apart from the competition. This strength and weather resistance offers a plethora of benefits but the most important one is the storage of electronics.

While traveling on the road, it is not easy to predict the weather and when there is not enough space inside the vehicle one must mount the supplies on the top. It becomes a problem when the weather gods do not rule in our favor. Typically, users have to unload the supplies on the top and store them inside to prevent them from getting wet. This comes at the cost of great inconvenience.

However, with overland boxes, you would not have to worry about the weather. You leave even the most vulnerable electronics in these boxes and mount them on the top. Because of the impeccable weather resistance of these boxes, the electronics would remain safe.

4. Protect Fragile Items

Fragile items like cameras, laptops, and even some kitchen utensils cannot be stored easily inside the vehicle. There is always a risk of damage if the vehicle accidentally runs into road bumps. Overland storage boxes offer a solution to this as well. You can get soft case boxes to store devices like that to prevent the damage caused by bumps and jerks on the road. 

Such boxes are layered with foam which provides cushioning to the stored supplies. Hence, even when the vehicle runs into road bumps, the electronics remain protected.

5. Easy To Transport

Storage boxes have handles built at the strategic points which makes them quite comfortable to transport. Even a single person can load and unload supplies that otherwise need helping hands. Furthermore, some of the boxes even come with tires which take the convenience to a whole other level.  

6. Added Security

Modern overland storage boxes come with advanced security features. You can set a pin or even use biometrics for high-end storage boxes. This creates an extra layer of security which gives you the security that your stuff is safe even when you are not near the vehicle.

How To Store Overland Storage Boxes

Overland storage boxes can be stored either inside the vehicle or mounted on the roof rack. Let’s see how:

Roof Rack

Storage boxes can be placed on the top of the vehicle and tied with each other using a rope. You should tie it in such a way that it passes through every box and make sure that it is not loose. The point where the ropes would be attached to the vehicle’s body varies in different chassis but it is not rocket science. You would easily figure that out on your own. 

That said, the point to remember is that boxes that contain electronics should preferably not be stored on the vehicle’s top. It is just not worth the risk.

Inside Vehicle

Storage boxes can be placed inside vehicles and in different spots. Furthermore, the type of vehicle and number of people onboard also play a key role in determining the volume that can be stored. We recommend maxing out the storage in the vehicle trunk if it is available first and then moving inside. 

You can store them on the backseats of SUVs or Sedans provided that no one is sitting on them. That said, use this space only if you cannot mount more boxes on the top of the vehicle. It is because the spare seat at the back often comes in handy and can become a makeshift bed as well. Hence, it would not be wise to compromise when space is available on the top of the vehicle. 

Bottom Line

Overlanding becomes more fun when there is enough space in the vehicle to store all the necessary supplies. Overlanding boxes offer exactly that in addition to extra security and protection for the stored supplies. You would find the vehicle more organized and tidy with these boxes and not to mention it would be convenient to find exactly what you are looking for. Hence, these boxes should be a must-have while planning for an Overlanding. We hope this has been helpful. Thank you!