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Fun Activities While Camping On The Trail

Few outdoor activities are as fun as camping. Going camping means letting go of your worries and your incessant work routines, disconnecting from the world and just immersing yourself in all that nature has to offer.

Most people go camping with friends or family, which is even more fun because in camping, the more, the merrier! However, it can sometimes get a little dull if you don’t know what to do while camping or how to pass the time.

If you’re about to go camping and are looking for some ideas, don’t worry! This list of fun activities while camping on the trail will help you figure it all out.


If you’re near the sea or a lake, the first thing you should do is go for a swim. Whether you go for a solo swim or a group one, you’re going to have an amazing time splashing around in the refreshing water in your swimsuit. You can even spice it up by racing each other or snapping some fun photos.

Dock overlooking a lake surrounded by mountains


Music is the food for the soul, and there’s no better place to enjoy some music than at a campsite. If you or anyone in your group has any musical talent or can play an instrument, make sure you ask them to display their talents by the bonfire.

Whether it’s a soulful love song or a guitar-strumming by the fire, listening to live music while camping tugs at the heartstrings like nothing else.

Man playing guitar surrounded by friends next to campfire

Board Games

Board games are a lot of fun while you’re having a quiet night at home, but they can also be a lot of fun when utilized for quiet nights at your campsite. Sometimes while camping, you don’t want to do anything that requires physical exertion and just want to stay at the campsite and swig on some coffee.

If you think you might have a day like that, make sure you stock up on your favorite board games. There’s no doubt that Scrabble will be as fun in your tent as it is in your living room.

Couple playing chess next to tents while camping

Movies With A Projector And Sheet Screen

What can be more fun than watching your favorite movie with your loved ones under the stars? If you want to get a nostalgic feeling while camping, just get a projector and a sheet screen along with your go-to movie snacks and recreate the magic of watching movies under the night sky with your favorite person.

Not sure on how to select the perfect movie projector? Check out our projector buyer’s guide.

Family watching movies on a projector outdoors


Whether you try to cook a barbeque or make s’mores by the bonfire, there’s no doubt that creating food with the most basic of supplies is a very fun activity. If you’re trying to live off the land while camping, try to gather some basic ingredients for a meal such as some fish or vegetables. After that, all you need to do is make some fire and make some deliciously simple meals.

cooking dinner in a pan while camping next to lake

Star Gaze

If you’ve ever wanted to gaze at the heavens but can’t do so because the city lights prevent you from doing it, don’t worry! Stargazing while camping is a very enjoyable activity, especially for couples who want some solitude and a romantic sky to look at.

Take a telescope with you and point out your favorite constellations to your partner because the view of the stars from campsites that are far away from cities is quite magnificent. If you’re new to stargazing or don’t remember constellations that well, you can also try to identify them by using some helpful apps.

Campsite with stars above

Watch The Sunset

The whole point of going camping is to just pause and absorb the magic of nature away from all the distractions of big cities. So, if you want to experience peace and tranquility unlike any you’ve ever experienced before, just find a good vantage point to watch the sun go down.

Sit back with a cup of tea or a cold drink and watch as the sun glows orange as it sets over the landscape. It’s truly a spell-binding sight!

Tight illuminated with sun setting

Play Truth Or Dare

Playing truth or dare is quite a dangerous endeavor because you never know what you’re going to expect and that’s what makes it so much fun! Playing it with your friends while camping can result in some of the wildest moments of your entire camping trip. This is why no camping trip is complete without a truth or dare game!

Group of friends around campfire

Go Hiking

If you’re camping near a hiking trail, make sure to explore it! Even if you can’t go all the way or don’t have the supplies to, just make sure to experience some of it. If you already know you’ll be hiking while on your trip, make sure to pack some suitable footwear and clothing along with some snacks and tools that will be helpful for you there.

More often than not, the views from the top of these hiking trails are breathtaking!

Group of friends hiking a mountain


Camping is a way to recharge by being away from your same old boring routine and you should make the most of your time out on the camping trail. So, did any of these ideas inspire you to make your own list for when you go camping?