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Sure, Overlanding is incredibly fun, but the fun seems to vanish when you need to use a restroom but can’t find any. Not finding a way to conduct your business can be incredibly frustrating, and most people find it too embarrassing to ask this question. So what’s the solution to this problem?

The simplest of answers is taking a camping toilet—essentially a portable bathroom—with you before you go Overlanding. However, numerous portable camping toilets are available for Overlanding, and deciding which one will serve your needs the best can be slightly challenging.

Therefore, in this guide, we’ll look at some of the best camping toilets and other additional accessories you might require to make the best out of your Overlanding adventures. 

Our Top Picks

The 4Low is your reliable source for the best camping toilets reviews and buyer guides. Our experts test and rank the best options so you don’t have to.

Our ratings are based on features, customer reviews, hands-on testing, price, and warranty.

Best Overall – Dometic Cassette Camping Toilet

Comes in multiple sizes and manufacture carries other styles. Portable, Space saving and low maintenance. Simple Technology, no smell and less mess.

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Best For Long Trips – Thetford Portable Toilet

The compact toilet comes with an easy-to-use piston flush, sealed for no odor, lightweight and easy to clean. Quality, Customer Service, Price Point is what makes this camping toilet a great pick.

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Best Budget Toilet – Camco Bucket Toilet

Easy handling easy to clean and sturdy build, holds up to 5 gallons of waste and can easily assembled with a snap on seat and lid included. With a weight rating of up to 300 pounds by a recognized manufacturer in camping supplies. Easy carrying handle to transport.

Can be a lifesaver on any outdoor trip and very inexpensive.

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Most Compact – BLIKA Foldable Camping Toilet

Camping Toilet is worth your money, Compact, and lightweight. This toilet is built sturdy and durable. Easy to operate and take anywhere. No mess to clean up and affordable. fold it up and store away conveniently for any camping, off road trip or long distance drive.

Stainless steel frame and anti-slip feet hold up to 350 pounds. Padded seating and a place to hold toilet paper for easy access. Can use a disposable bag or 2-gallon bucket with a replaceable bag for easy clean-up.

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Best Capacity – Nature Head Portable Flushing Camping Toilet

 High-quality camping Toilet made for function and stability. Made sturdy for value if investment and reduces harsh Odors. Easy to Use and Easy to Assemble. Camping toilet is a nice convenient alternative.

Huge Capacity. 2 people using full time can be changed up to 4 weeks. Easy empty in 5 minutes. With a 5-year limited warranty.

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Top Camping Toilets For Overlanding

ProductBrandFeaturesLearn More
Best Overall
Dometic Cassette Portable Camping toilet
Dometic Cassette Portable Camping toilet
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Easy to carry around
  • Durable construction
  • Suitable for all outdoor needs
  • Simple cleaning process
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Best for Long Trips
Thetford Porta Potti 365 Portable Camping Toilet
Thetford Porta Potti 365 Portable Camping Toilet
  • Large waste holding tank 
  • Simple emptying procedure
  • Provides excellent stability on rocky surfaces
  • Highly durable due to its plastic construction
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Best Budget Toilet
Camco Portable Camping Toilet
Camco Portable Camping Toilet
  • User-friendly bucket
  • Easy to install the bag liners
  • Simple assembly and dismantling process
  • Incredibly convenient to carry
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Most Compact
BLIKA Upgraded Foldable Camping Toilet
BLIKA Upgraded Foldable Camping Toilet
  • Takes minimum storage space
  • Simple setup
  • The soft cushion seat provides excellent comfort
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient for children and adults
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Most Capacity
Nature Head Portable Flushing Camping Toilet
Nature Head Portable Flushing Camping Toilet
  • Doesn’t release an odor
  • Has a comfortable seat
  • Simple cleaning process
  • Large waste tank capacity
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1. Best Overall – Dometic Cassette Toilet

dometic cassette camping toilet

The first product on our list is the Cassette Toilet by Dometic. This user-friendly toilet is small in size and has sturdy handles installed on the top and bottom tank, making it quite convenient to carry around. Moreover, its high-strength ABS plastic construction means that it can easily withstand all outdoor challenges— be it camping, boating, or RVing— making it one of the most durable products on the market. 

An ideal portable toilet must strike a balance between being both easy to use and clean—and this cassette toilet ticks both those boxes. With an easy-to-use flush button and no battery requirements, this toilet is incredibly convenient for anyone who needs to conduct an urgent business. 

The tank level indicator allows you to use the water according to your needs, while the latching lid makes the toilet incredibly secure. Due to its durable construction and the convenience it provides for your outdoor activities, this Cassette Toilet by Dometic is rated the best overall on our list.

2. Best For Long Trips – Thetford Portable Toilet

Thetford Porta Potti Camping toilet

This portable toilet by Thetford offers an enormous waste holding tank, allowing for more usage before you empty it. The tank size makes it easier for large people to use this toilet, although children may initially have difficulty using it.

With the aid of a bottom tank visual indicator, the emptying procedure is simplified since you wouldn’t have to open the bottom tank to see if the toilet is filled up. Plus, the enormous waste and fresh water tank give you around 50 flushes per fill, making this toilet ideal for long journeys.

Another advantage of this portable toilet is that you can use the emptying spout installed on the toilet to empty the content inside it. The detachable tank feature allows you to dispose of the waste without opening the waste tank.

This toilet can separate the liquid from the solids with the help of its two-tank system. Additionally, it provides excellent stability on RVs and camping trucks while driving them on uneven terrain. This stability results from the cube-shaped design that prevents it from moving around.

Due to its plastic construction, this portable toilet won’t deteriorate even if left outside in harsh weather, making it incredibly durable for your camping adventures.

3. Best Budget Toilet – Camco Bucket Toilet

Camco Portable Camping Toilet

Although this bucket toilet doesn’t look anything like a toilet at first, we guarantee you that it’s a handy unit and could be precisely what you need for your camping adventures.

With a five-gallon bucket and an easily detachable lid, this bucket toilet is one of the most user-friendly toilets you’ll ever have. The three bag liners distinguish it from a regular bucket, making cleaning incredibly convenient. It’s also relatively easy to install the bag liners, so you’ll get all the simplicity you need.

The toilet’s seat can be instantly attached to the bucket’s rim, making the assembly and dismantling procedure as straightforward as possible.

What we love the most about this bucket toilet is its convenience while carrying it. With a carry handle installed on this bucket, you can carry it anywhere you want.

The toilet may sometimes smell due to the absence of a flushing tank. However, the ease of use more than makes up for the lack of a flushing function, making this bucket toilet ideal for your outdoor adventures.

4. Most Compact – BLIKA Upgraded Foldable Camping Toilet

BLIKA Upgraded Foldable Camping Toilet

Next up on our list is the incredibly unique and convenient foldable camping toilet by BLIKA. With its comfortable seat, simple portability, and easy setup, this toilet could be what you need camping. 

The best thing about this toilet is its foldability feature, which takes up the minimum storage space. You can quickly expand this toilet whenever you require it or store it away in your vehicle’s compartment when you don’t need it. 

This chair toilet’s ideal height, along with the soft cushioned seat, also provides the ultimate comfort during painstakingly long journeys. These features also make this toilet accessible for small children, although some large adults might have difficulty with the small seat.

Using this toilet is also easy—all you have to do is install the plastic ring on the toilet seat and attach the toilet bags underneath it, and you’re good to go! 

5. Best Capacity- Nature Head Portable Flushing Camping Toilet

Nature Head Portable Flushing Camping Toilet

The final item on our list is Nature Heads’ Composting Flushing Toilet. From motor homes to trailers, this composting toilet is straightforward to install, making it suitable for all camping needs. 

A great thing about this toilet is that it doesn’t leave any nasty sewage smell behind, as a mini fan is installed on the toilet’s side that will extract the smell and push it outside the trailer. The toilet also has a very comfortable seat so you can conduct your business peacefully.

Moreover, this toilet is designed to separate the solids from the liquid, making the cleaning process simpler than other variants. Due to its large capacity, you will only require to empty the toilet once every four weeks! 

Additional Camping Toilet Accessories

Although camping toilets can make your outdoor life more manageable, there are times when they won’t be able to do the job on their own. In that case, you should have some additional camping toilet accessories to improve personal hygiene and make your camping adventures more fun. We’ve listed some of the accessories below that we guarantee you’ll find helpful. 

Wolfwise Pop-Up Shower Tent

A shower tent is exactly what you need to get some privacy while conducting your business outdoors—but not just any shower tent! You need a tent that is not only adequately spacious but is also easily portable and durable— and this pop-up shower tent by Wolfwise ticks all these boxes. 

Constructed of water-repellent polyester and silver, this shower tent protects you from harmful UV rays and gives you a safe space to conduct your business in the rain. The unique pop-up design makes it easy to assemble, while the lightweight construction simplifies carrying it around.

Emergency Zone Eco Gel

This eco gel by Emergency Zone is an excellent product for emergencies, especially when you don’t have access to a portable camping toilet. With its deodorizing properties, this eco gel offers a convenient, trouble-free solution for these unpleasant situations. 

This gel is safe for the environment as it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. With its lemon scent, displeasing smells are eliminated within minutes. 

BLIKA Portable Toilet Bag

Most camping toilets will require a toilet bag, and BLIKA offers the best of them. These opaque composting bags have an enormous 30-liter capacity and can hide any content inside them. They also don’t emit any nasty odor, which makes them incredibly easy to dispose of when it’s time to clean up.

The environmentally-friendly bags are compatible with a range of toilet seats, so you won’t have any problem trying to install them on your portable camping toilet. 

Thetford AquaBio Holding Tank Treatment

Thetford’s AquaBio is designed to quickly eliminate smells from your toilet’s holding tank due to its strong citrus twist aroma. This product also decomposes the waste inside the tank and prevents the toilet from clogging without using any harmful chemicals.

This treatment package includes 16 toss-in that can treat a 40-gallon holding tank. Not only is it safe for the environment and your camping toilet, but it’s also a beneficial liquid you’ll require for your camping needs.

Buying Guide To The Best Camping Toilet For Overlanding

No camping kit is complete without a camping toilet. These toilets are often lightweight, easy to assemble and provide a convenient way to dispose of waste. However, there are too many different types of toilets to choose from, which can get overwhelming quickly. 

Therefore, to ease your tensions, we have compiled a thorough guide on the different types of camping toilets to help you find one that best suits your needs and purposes. 

Types Of Camping Toilets

Cassette Toilet

A cassette toilet is essentially an upgraded version of a regular RV toilet, which flushes into the underbody of an RV. On the other hand, a cassette toilet makes the waste enter a portable and compact waste tank. The content inside the waste tank, which often has wheels installed for easy transport, can then be disposed of at a public toilet. 

What sets these toilets apart from conventional toilets, however, is their size. A cassette toilet’s holding tank is compact and ideal for Class B RVs and other trailers with limited storage.

Draining A Cassette Toilet

Since the tank can store around 5 gallons of liquid, you will only have to dispose of the waste once every three to five days. An ideal cassette toilet will contain a gauge that informs you when the tank is full, and it’s time to drain. Additionally, a good cassette toilet will have carry handles that make transportation to the dump station much more manageable.

Portable Flushing Toilet

These toilets are similar to cassette toilets in many ways, but what sets them apart is that you don’t have to install them permanently in a trailer. Portable toilets have a compact and removable solid waste tank positioned under the toilet bowl, which can easily be removed and transported to a waste disposal site. 

You can eliminate solid waste with the help of a hand pump and a freshwater tank. The great thing about portable flushing toilets is that they can contain solid waste for a long time without releasing any nasty odor. 

However, a disadvantage of these toilets is that they require a constant water supply to flush the waste. Most of these toilets are affordable, but we advise against buying a cheaper version as those are prone to sewage leaks. 

Bucket or Bag Toilet

If you’re short on storage space or want to avoid the hassle of installing a toilet in your RV, a bucket toilet may just be the thing for you. Their compact size allows you to fit one inside a camping bag easily.

These bucket toilets are incredibly inexpensive and simple to use. You must connect a throwaway bag to the bucket’s ring and tie it, so the trash remains confined. You can then throw the disposable bag away the same way you would throw away your pet’s waste bag. 

Although you can attach a conventional plastic bag to a bucket toilet, it’s better to use a plastic bag mainly made to store human waste disposal, as they are less prone to leaking and tearing. 

However, these toilets lack a flushing option which may release an excessive amount of unpleasant odor. Plus, you will have to dispose of the waste every time you conduct your business, which can get tiring very quickly. 

Foldable Toilets

Foldable toilets strike an outstanding balance between portability and comfort. These toilets are often incredibly compact and work similarly to bucket toilets, requiring a waste bag to be attached underneath the seat. You can then dispose of the waste at a dumping site.

However, their advantage comes from a foldability point of view, as they can be compressed to the size of a small briefcase when it’s not in use. However, we advise buying a foldable toilet with an easy installation process, as some folding toilets can be too complicated to set up.

Composting Toilets

What sets composting toilets apart from other types of toilets discussed so far is their ability to effectively decompose waste and convert it into a compost that is easy to dispose of. These toilets don’t require water use; instead, they neutralize the waste inside the toilet with the help of organic materials. 

Another advantage of these toilets is that they can break down solid waste without releasing nasty smells due to their ability to separate the liquid from the solids. 

These toilets enable a rapid and odorless breakdown of waste inside the chamber. This biological ecosystem is responsible for converting garbage into useable compost.

Composting toilets employ various methods to regulate the atmosphere within the chamber. An excellent composting toilet uses fans, separating trays, heating components, and evaporating chambers to ensure that only the appropriate quantity of moisture remains within the chamber.


Q) Where Can I Dispose Of Waste In My Portable Toilet?

You can dispose of the waste inside a portable toilet either in a nearby drainage system or at an approved waste disposal site. You can commonly find these disposal sites in camping and RV parks. 

Q) What Are Bulking Agents?

Bulking agents or materials are carbon-rich chemicals that add structure or bulk to the compost. These agents are mixed with the solid waste to increase the decomposition rate and help mitigate the smell emitted by the waste.

Q) Can I Use Bleach To Clean A Camping Toilet?

You don’t have to use bleach to clean portable camping toilets. Bleach can make a toilet’s plastic structure more brittle and make them lose its shine. Moreover, bleach can damage a toilet’s rubber seal and cause unexpected water leaks. 

Bottom Line

The perfect portable toilet is the one you feel the most comfortable with and meets all your traveling requirements. With the vast range of portable toilets mentioned in this article, you no longer have to avoid going out on a camping trip with your friends or family. Now that you know how different portable camping toilets perform, it’s time to buy one for yourself!