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The 4Low is your reliable source for the best camping fridges reviews and buyer guides. Our experts test and rank the best options so you don’t have to.

Our ratings are based on features, customer reviews, hands-on testing, price, and warranty.

Best Overall – Setpower AJ30 Portable Camping Fridge

ECO mode allows you to save more power, minimal noise while running for less disturbance, and added convenience of regulating temperatures with a freezing zone and a cooling zone

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Most Durable – ICECO VL45 Portable Camping Refrigerator

A thick inner wall allows for a more desired maintained temperature. Offers Dual power options, and various temperature settings.

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Best For Uneven Terrain – SetPower 12 Volts Camping Fridge

Can be used on uneven roads and off-road terrain. Energy-efficient and has three levels of battery protection ensuring you don’t drain your battery while in use. while still ensuring the right temperature to keep your food and drinks cool.

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Best For Short Trips – AstroAI 12 Volts Camping Fridge

USB charger to charge your phone and is lightweight. This unit is perfect for short trips or multi-use functions. Best of all it is compact to take anywhere.

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Most Compatible – BODEGA 12V Camping Fridge

Two separate compartments to keep your ice-cold beverages chilled to keep your fruits and vegetables cool. Run quietly and smoothly on slopes if the inclination is not higher than 30 degrees. You can conveniently control settings with your phone.

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Chill Out! We’ve got it covered…

A portable fridge is essential to add to your treasure trove of gear, especially when camping, just hitting the trails, or on a long-planned overland trip. After some time, ordinary coolers turn into an icky pool of warm water, spoiling food and making it inconvenient to sustain your outing.

To ensure you can enjoy your off-road or camping trip make sure you are well stocked and have done your research for all your outdoor needs. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best camping fridges available on the market. Let’s take a look at them.

ProductBrandFeaturesLearn More
Best Overall
Setpower AJ30 Portable Camping Freezer Fridge
Setpower AJ30 Portable Camping Freezer Fridge
  • AC and DC power supply
  • Minimal noise disturbance
  • Energy efficient
  • Multiple SIzes for personal capacity needs
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Most Durable
ICECO VL45 Portable Camping Fridge with SECOP Compressor
ICECO VL45 Portable Camping Fridge with SECOP Compressor
  • Thick inner walls
  • A wide range of temperature settings
  • Dual power supply
  • Durable construction
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Best For Uneven Terrain
SetPower 12 volt Refrigerator, Portable Camping Fridge
SetPower 12 volt Refrigerator, Portable Camping Fridge
  • Works on uneven service levels
  • Elegant design
  • Battery protection system
  • Compact Design
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Best For Short Trips
AstroAI 12 Volt Camping Fridge Freezer
AstroAI 12 Volt Camping Fridge Freezer
  • Fast cooling
  • USB port to charge cell phone
  • Built-in LED light
  • Compact design
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Most Compatible
BODEGA 12 Volt Camping Fridge, Portable Freezer
BODEGA 12 Volt Camping Fridge, Portable Freezer
  • You can control it using your phone
  • Works on uneven terrain
  • Two separate compartments for various temperature settings
  • Easy to clean 
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1. Setpower AJ30 Portable Camping Fridge

Grey Camping Fridge with cupholders

AJ30 is a compact portable fridge designed for adventurers that do not have a lot of space. The fridge’s capacity ranges from 30 L to 50L based on the model you pick. It has a dual cooling zone; the freezing zone can reach 0 degrees by adjusting temperature settings. However, you can also switch to a cooling zone to keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

Furthermore, the unit has very efficient power consumption and can run on AC and DC power supplies. It comes with 120/240V AC and 12/24V DC adapters, which also allow home use. Best part? The fridge can reach 0 degrees within 20 mins of operation. Equipped with eco mode for saving power.

2. ICECO VL45 Portable Camping Fridge

Green Big Box with brand name across the front

VL45 is a compressor refrigerator known for its performance despite the ambient temperatures. It can reach negative 18 degrees centigrades and go as high as 10 degrees, making it suitable for all purposes. You can freeze ice cubes, store sodas, or stash fruits and vegetables. The fridge will keep them all fresh and chilly.

Each unit has a DC cord and AC cable, letting users use both power supplies. The camping fridge will automatically power off according to your setting gear to prevent battery depletion. Furthermore, the unit is very well insulated and has a thick inner wall that maintains the required temperature.

The refrigerator also has removable wire baskets, which you can conveniently remove to clean and restock the fridge.

3. SetPower 12 Volts Camping Fridge

lightweight camping fridge with plugs shown

SetPower makes one interested at first glance because of its elegant design and features that make it versatile. You can store it in a vehicle’s trunk or the backseat. The unit has two modes, MAX and ECO, which can reach temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 50 degrees.

Furthermore, it is a compressor-type fridge that is not just efficient at cooling but also takes less energy. The unit also has a three-level battery protection system which cuts the compressor off when voltages reach below cut-off levels. It prevents the battery from dying.

Even when the compressor is off, the fridge maintains the cooling because of a high–end insulation. Best part? The compressor also works even when the vehicle is on uneven terrain

4. AstroAI 12 Volts Camping Fridge

Camping Fridge displaying food

Astro AI is a 15-liter compact, portable camping fridge with an automatic defrost system. It not just keeps fruits and vegetables fresh but also prevents a layer of frost to form over them. Furthermore, the fridge uses a compressor which cools the inside rapidly even if the ambient temperature is hot. It can cool up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 minutes and takes an hour to reach the lowest temperature of -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Furthermore, the control panel of the fridge is very intuitive and features an LED panel. It can adjust the temperature, and the LED light helps find the items in the dark. You can use a USB port to charge cell phones as well.

5. BODEGA 12V Camping Fridge

Blue Camping Fridge with display on cell phone

BODEGA is a unit that can be controlled via smartphone using an application available on iOS and Android. Furthermore, the refrigerator has two different zones, which you can adjust for temperature separately. You can use one compartment for drinks and another for vegetables and fruits.

The unit works on uneven terrain and slopes. The overall operations of the unit are quiet, and the items within stay secure. Smooth-lined interior and multi-functional non-slip base reduce lateral displacement of the items.

Furthermore, this fridge includes a cigarette lighter connector, wall plug adapter, and two baskets that you can easily remove. A drain hole at the bottom makes cleaning very convenient.

Buyers Guide For Finding The Best Camping Fridges

The market offers a variety of camping fridges, but not all of them are suitable for every person. Each individual has different preferences, capacity needs, and space available, all play an important role. To make the right decision, you would have to consider the following factors:

Type of Fridge

There are three main types of camping fridges, thermoelectric, absorption, and compressor. Each of these has its benefits and shortcomings. 

Thermoelectric Units

Thermoelectric units are the cheapest, and you can quickly get one for under $300. They are also more compact than the other two types and use two power sources, 12V and 110V. 

However, these fridges work more as a cooler because the temperature remains between 35-40 degrees.

Furthermore, the energy requirement largely depends on the outside temperature. If it is under 80 degrees, the fridge takes about 3-5 Amps but can increase if the temperature increases. Such fridges are intended to be used on short road trips and are not as great for long trips and Overlanding.

Absorption Camping Fridges

These fridges are a little more expensive than thermoelectric ones and can cost anywhere near $500. They use three power sources, 12V DC, 110V AC, and propane gas, which makes them highly versatile. Typically, these units are very efficient when run on propane, but 12 DC is not a viable option in most cases.

Furthermore, the size of these fridges is quite bulky and needs a perfectly level space to work correctly. It is best to optimize ventilation because these units release poisonous carbon monoxide, which can lead to fatal events.

These units generally do not have accurate temperature adjustment and work more as a cooler than fridges. That said, cooling is much better than thermoelectric units. These fridges are designed for RV and camper van builds because such vehicles are generally parked in leveled campgrounds. It would help if you avoided these fridges for off-roading, Overlanding, or camping.

Compressor Camping Units

Compressor fridges are the most expensive, but there is a lot of variety within this category. You can find a unit between $500-$1800 based on model, feature, and size. These units are the most efficient and can work well up to 30 degrees even when it is not perfectly leveled. It is probably the most prominent benefit of the compressor units, making them suitable for all camping vehicles.

Furthermore, compressor units can cool even below freezing points, so you will always have an ice cube for the cold beverages during camping. Most units run on 12V DC and are very efficient at power consumption. You can also plug them into 110v outlets when there is shore power. Best part? Their efficiency remains unaffected regardless of the jostling and shaking of vehicles during off-roading. It is precisely what makes it the best option for camping vehicles.

Size & Capacity of Fridge

After narrowing down the type of suitable fridges, you need to look further and decide which size and capacity you are looking for. The size of the fridge depends on two factors: the vehicle’s space available and the number of days you want to be on the road. You need to ensure that the fridge’s capacity is big enough to store the food needed on the road for your entire trip.

You can find options between 45 and 100+ liters, but the sweet spot is around 60. It is large enough to pack everything for the weekend and does not take up much space in the vehicle.

Select The Manufacturer

The choice of manufacturer is critical because camping fridges are not like ordinary ones. You need to trust a company that has been in the niche for quite some time and has experience. Offers a warranty and offers reviews. This kind of purchase doesn’t have to be rushed. New manufacturers may have incentives and discounts available. But, before jumping on saving a quick dollar, consider that some components may need improvement. Stick to the manufacturers’ legacy of developing high-quality and durable camping fridges.

The two top manufacturers of camping fridges include ARB and Dometic.

Narrow Down Fridge Model

It is where personal preferences and the model’s features come into play. The first thing you should look for in a model is DC power consumption. The lower a fridge consumes, the better. An efficient fridge will consume less than 1amp/hour at 12V volts DC. It must also have built-in battery protection, so you do not have to worry about a dead battery while leaving the vehicle running.

Other features like remote temperature monitoring, opening and removing lid, and weather resistance must also be factored in. 

Bottom Line

Camping fridges are complex appliances, and a lot of thought should go into them before purchasing. The most crucial part is understanding your requirements and looking for products accordingly. We have outlined all the factors you must consider and some of the top available options. We hope this article has been helpful. Thank you!