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Most Complete Kit: Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner And Conditioner Detailing Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to fully clean and restore your leather seats.

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Best Valued Kit: Lexol Leather Conditioner and Leather Cleaner Kit

With the included cleaner and conditioner this affordable kit will clean and restore your leather seats at without breaking the bank.

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Best Budget Leather Wipes: Weiman Leather Wipes Cleaner Kit

Quality natural oils that help moisturize, soften and restore your leather seats while providing UV protecting to help prevent cracking and aging.

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Best For On The Go: Armor All Car Interior Cleaner Leather Wipes

Affordable option that’s perfect to keep stored in your glove box to spot clean your leather seats as needed.

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Best Complete Kit
Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner And Conditioner Detailing Kit
Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner And Conditioner Detailing Kit
  • Most Complete Kit. Includes: Cleaner, conditioner, detailer, brush, microfiber towels, applicators  
  • Contains Vitamin E to nourish the leather and reduce UV damage
  • Works on car seats & interior, jackets, shoes, boots, and sofas
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Best Valued Kit
Lexol Leather Conditioner and Leather Cleaner Kit
Lexol Leather Conditioner and Leather Cleaner Kit
  • Includes conditioner, cleaner, and two applicators
  • Easily restores leather by lifting dirt and oils
  • Designed to defend against cracking and help prevent aging
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Best Budget Leather Wipes
Weiman Leather Wipes Cleaner Kit
Weiman Leather Wipes Cleaner Kit
  • Includes leather wipes & microfiber towel
  • All-in-one wipe. Cleans, protects, and renews leather
  • Easy to use and works in just a few minutes
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Best For On The Go
Armor All Car Interior Cleaner Leather Wipes
Armor All Car Interior Cleaner Leather Wipes
  • Cleans while conditioning and protecting at a very low price point
  • Disposable wipes, each new wipe is always clean
  • Easy to use. One Wipe cleans and protects
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1. Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner And Conditioner Detailing Kit

Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner And Conditioner Detailing Kit

Chemical Guys is known for quality when it comes to automotive detailing products and their leather kit is no exception.

It includes everything you will need.

This kit comes with cleaner, conditioner, and a quick detailer that’s perfect for your glove box for spot cleaning as you need. It also includes two microfiber towels, two applicators, and a heavy duty scrubbing brush.

It works on perforate leather and color leather seats.

Formulated to work on just about every type of leather seat. Whether you have real leather, vegan, or other another synthetic type, this cleaner will have your seats soft and new looking.

2. Lexol Leather Conditioner and Leather Cleaner Kit

Lexol Leather Conditioner and Leather Cleaner Kit

The Lexol two stage leather cleaner kit is affordable and effective at prolonging your leather seats appearance and life.

It will last you a long time.

Both the cleaner and conditioner are 16.9oz and will be enough to last you a few years depending on how often you clean your seats.

It’s designed to prevent cracking.

Anyone who has owned a car leather seats knows once they begin to crack they will never look the same. Lexol is a great option to ensure your seats look new for the life of your car.

3. Weiman Leather Wipes Cleaner Kit

Weiman Leather Wipes Cleaner Kit

Weiman is a long trusted household name when it comes to cleaning products and their leather wipes are designed to work on all car seats, shoes, couches, and even bags.

They’re easy to use.

No brush, no stages. Just a single leather wipe will clean and condition your seats with ease.

It renews old worn leather.

Containing six natural oils that help moisturize, soften and restore older worn leather.

4. Armor All Car Interior Cleaner Leather Wipes


Armor All has been the go to budget cart detailing brand for years. Just because it’s affordable does not mean it’s not effective.

It’s cheap.

One of the cheapest leather wipes available that still get the job done. These are perfect for keeping in the glove box and touching up your seats between detailing.

They’re quick & easy.

Just pull one out of the container, wipe down the seat , and toss the wipe. They’re disposable so each wipe will always be new and clean with each use.

Leather Wipes Buyers Guide

If you love the premium and luxurious feel of your car’s leather upholstery, you’re also probably curious about extending its life and keeping it looking nice and shiny. 

There’s an easy, quick, and dependable solution: car leather wipes.

In this leather wipes buyer’s guide, we will cover everything you need to know about leather wipes, how to choose them, and what are some of the best brands out there to choose from. 

But before any of that, let us learn what car leather wipes are and how they work.

What are Car Leather Wipes?

Leather wipes are cleaning wipes designed especially for leather materials in cars, such as car seats, and upholstery. However, you can also use them on shoes, bags, purses, and other leather products. 

These wipes are formulated with specific cleaning, oiling, and pH requirements. People prefer these wipes because they are easy to use, affordable, and quick. 

These wipes don’t just clean the leather; their job is to:

  • Clean the leather
  • Condition the leather
  • Protect the leather

How to Choose Best Leather Wipes?

The key to choosing the right type of leather wipes for your car is to make sure that they are not made up of any toxic material. Most popular leather wipes brands are safe to use(more on those later). 

Whenever you buy leather wipes, read the instructions and specifications. This will help you learn whether the wipes you’re choosing are fit to use for your car’s leather type or not. Most of the time, these wipes are general-purpose products that cater to a wide range of leather types. 

If you know you will be using this product on other leather-covered parts of your car, such as door panels or dashboard, make sure that it is mentioned to be safe to use in such places. 

Name Brand or Not: Which is Better?

One of the key elements to choosing leather wipes is selecting the right leather wipe brand. 

There are two ways to go about it. 

You can go with the famous name brands recommended and used by many people. Choosing such brands saves time and brings confidence that you’re getting the right product. However, you usually have to pay a little more for such name brands, but the convenience these products bring justifies their price. 

On the other hand, if you want to save a few bucks, you can research products that are not name brands. This means that you have to spend time, and in some cases, more money as you experiment with the product that is best for you. 

Here are three of the most commonly used leather wipes brands for your ease. Let’s see what each one of them has to offer. 

Leather Care and Cleaning Tips

  1. Always Test the Product

Even though name brand products, such as the ones mentioned above, are generally safe to use, it is still better to do a test. This becomes even more important when you’re using a new product. 

This will save you from the bigger trouble of changing the entirety of your leather seats and upholstery. To test a product, clean a spot with a wipe and wait 10-15 minutes before applying it all over. If you see any discoloration on the spot, the product of your choice has failed the test. 

  1. Dab as Much as Necessary

It might sound like a better idea to use wipes that are soaking wet, but that isn’t always the correct way. Read the specific directions on the product packaging to learn what exactly is the right amount of product, and then follow it to the letter. 

  1. Be Quick When There’s a Spill

To achieve the best durability with your leather seats, it is best to take care of the spills as soon as they happen. If you let the spills sit, they will be harder to clean. Moreover, they will gradually seep into the leather, affecting its overall quality. Clean the spill with a damp cloth and use a leather wipe to restore that area to the best condition. 

  1. Let the Leather Rest

The majority of the leather wipe products also do the job of leather conditioners. When you do your wiping routine, let the leather sit and absorb the solution for a while. Getting in the seats right after cleaning might not give the leather enough time to absorb all the useful oils. Ideally, it is best to let the car sit for at least 12 hours. 


How frequently should I clean my car’s leather seats? 

The answer is different for different people depending on the usage. However, it is best to clean your car using leather wipes every 3-4 days. For a full detailing, it is best to stick to every few months. 

Are Lysol or Clorox wipes safe for cleaning leather?

Disinfectant wipes such as Lysol or Clorox are not safe for cleaning leather. These wipes contain alcohol and ammonia, and these chemicals are harmful to leather. 

Moreover, disinfectant wipes remove oil and moisture from the leather. Your leather might look clean for the time being, but it will start to dry out and crack quicker. If you have no option other than using a disinfectant wipe, make sure to condition your leather right after.

Are there any DIY cleaners for leather seats? 

The DIY mixture of vinegar and olive oil is an excellent leather cleaner. If you have time on your hands and you want to try out something homemade, this is the best thing you can do to clean leather seats. 

You can either start by cleaning leather seats with a vinegar dipped cloth and then buffing them with an olive oil dipped cloth. Or you can create a vinegar and olive oil mixture(¼ cup of vinegar and ½ cup of olive oil) and apply it using a spray bottle. After application, let it sit for five minutes, and then dry the seats with a clean cloth. You’ll have shiny-looking leather seats in no time. 

Are leather wipes safe to use around pets?

Generally, the name-brand leather wipes are of high quality and are safe on the skin of adults, pets, and children alike. However, consult your doctor immediately if the solution comes in contact with your eyes, nose, or mouth, especially in the case of children or pets. Ensure to read the instructions and warnings on the package before using these wipes near pets or children. 

Final Words

With this leather wipes buying guide, you don’t need to look further. All that’s left to do now is buy the wipes of your choice and get that leather-looking hip, supple, and shiny.